Monday 10 May 2021


The Café Racer Festival:

It takes place at the end of June at the Linas-Montlhery autodrome in the Paris region, this festival combines the Expo Village and driving on the famous ring and its banked bends built in 1924 with a lot of concrete! The place is mythical and magical! The circuit itself is not young, but the feeling of riding on the almost hundred-year-old concrete ring is to be experienced at least once in your life! The exhibition village is very well stocked, original collections are highlighted over a weekend, the Saturday evening concerts are very well chosen and it is difficult to leave the bar after dark!

Wheel's and Waves:

The surrealist UFO of the motorcycle world:

This takes place in Biarritz at the end of June. This festival has grown from a handful of guests to thousands in just 5 years!

Motorcycle, surfing, skateboarding, runs, flat track, culture, the creators of the event have all mixed up! No more codes, no more barriers! Just coolness or how not to want to grow old, with Wheels and Waves having a white beard has become Hype!

Basically, this festival was a meeting of super cool friends who had beautiful motorcycles and who went for a ride accompanied by a tribe of photographer who broadcast mass images on social networks, The mayonnaise took very quickly! The motorbike has come out of its small world ... the wheel's by its openness and its love of beauty immediately seduced the public as well as the industrialists and the kings of the com!

Today the Wheel's has grown up is made up of a village in the city of the ocean of Biarritz, a Duel race at the top of the Jaizkibel (Spanish mountain overlooking the ocean), a Flat track race in San Sebastián ( Spain), an Expo in Pasaia, a surfing event in Biarritz, walks in the Basque Country and above all a crazy atmosphere in the streets of Biarritz! Do not miss !

But also: the legendary motorcycle cups in Dijon, a gathering of old people, the Coyotes days in Nogaro, old-fashioned driving on the circuit, the Alp Festival in Barcelonette: Trail show, The Ipone Days in Alcaniz: multidisciplinary driving! And many other yet…