Monday 19 April 2021


The advantages of motorcycle rental!

Resident or holidaymaker on the Basque coast, renting a motorcycle instead of investing in a motorized two-wheeler has many advantages:

First of all, this solution allows you to remain free in the practice of two wheels, the world of motorcycles is made up of a multitude of niches to explore! the sport of the trial motorcycle to cross steep slopes and rocks is far from driving a custom motorcycle along the coast but just as pleasant, with motorcycle rental, you can change your mount and practice every day and thus enjoy the various joys of motorcycle riding! All terrain, sporty, custom, quiet neo retro rides, small 125 for the urban environment, everything is possible with the many models available!

It is also an opportunity to always be able to ride on almost new models, we renew our fleet every 2 years, so you ride on the latest novelties on the motorcycle market. The "breakdown" factor is therefore almost non-existent!

No storage problem, you only take a motorcycle when necessary, the rest of the time, they are warm with us!

No insurance to pay for the long winter months when the weather is bad, no restart in the spring, no vehicle discount and no oil stains in the garage!

Our agency is located a stone's throw from the airport and the train station, ideal when arriving on vacation! Remember to book on our online reservation tunnel!